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2016 Summer Internships

Name Supervisor Project
Bhathena, Yazad Ingo Ensminger Seasonal and interspecies dynamics of leaf nitrogen content and photosynthesis in eastern white pine, red maple and white oak
Chang, Steven Carl Mitchell Mercury in Water, Sediment, and Invertebrates in Created Wetlands In Rouge National Urban Park, Toronto, Ontario
Chen, Doug Frank Wania Prediction of Partitioning Coefficients between XAD-2 and Air or Organic Compounds Using COSMOtherm
Fomichev, Stepan Richard Peltier Dansgaard-Oeschger Oscillations as a Double-Diffusive Instability in North Atlantic Waters Below Sea Ice
Hsieh, Jeremy Jonathan Abbatt The Role of Fenton Chemistry in Cloud Droplets:  The Effect of Secondary Organic Aerosol
Lam, Wai Ying Jennifer Drake Quantifying pre-development conditions of Whiteman’s Creek
Lee, Michelle Bridget Bergquist Seasonal Variation in UV reflected in Hg mass-independent fractionation of plankton in freshwater ecosystems
Otiniana, Gerard Trevor Porter Multiproxy Reconstruction of Late Cenozoic Warm Climates in Alaska and the Yukon
Seth, Kanupria Kim Strong Overview of the University of Toronto Atmospheric Observatory, Investigation of Temperature Data from the Weather Station, and Calculating Solar Radiation Values
Sokolov, Nina Arthur Weis Exploring the Efficacy of Assisted Gene Flow in Promoting Adaptation to a Changing Climate
Thaysen, Clara Miriam Diamond Plastic for dinner: Is Ingested Plastic a Source of Flame Retardants to Ring-Billed Gulls?
Wang, Lucian Megan Frederickson Effects of Nitrogen Heterogeneity on the Legume-Rhizobia Mutualism
Wong, Michael Debra Wunch Understanding the Carbon Cycle: Solar-Induced Fluorescence as an Indicator of Gross Primary Productivity in the Boreal Forest
Yu, Legeng Arthur Chan Functional Groups in Secondary Organic Aerosols Contributing to Oxidative Potential and Toxicity
Zamaria, Sophia Jing Chen Examining the impact of stand age, needle age, and sunlight exposure on structural and physiological parameters of White Pines during the 2016 growing season
Zhao, Xinda Jennifer Murphy Dew evaporation as a source of NH3