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2017 Summer Internships

Name Supervisor Project
Berg, Dana Njal Rollison Phenological advance of nesting date of Algonquin turtles over the last century of climate change
Borges, Isabela Luke Mahler Comparing Anolis communities in natural and human-modified environments
Cai, Mengxuan Arthur Chan Developing a Particulate Matter (PM)-indicating Smartphone App
Guo, Edie Chelsea Rochman Planning for Plastic:  Extracting Microplastic from Sediments in the San Francisco Bay
Heerah, Sajjan Debra Wunch Mapping Methane Concentrations in Urban Environments Results from Truck Surveys in the G.T.A.
Johnson, Hayden Kim Strong Satellite and Ground-based Remote Sensing of Atmospheric Composition at High Latitudes
Lash, Emma Megan Frederickson Duckweed Tolerance to PAH Contamination Across the GTA
LeSage, Natalie Scott Mabury First detection of trisperfluoromethyltriazine in the environment: a potential potent greenhouse gas
Majeed, Hamnah Trevor Porter A Long-term Tree-ring Reconstruction of Atmospheric Mercury in Northern Yukon Territory
Neill, Liam Haas Richard Peltier Stability of a Stably Stratified Double-Diffusive Shear Flow
Ooi, Ying Woei Jing Chen Northern Hemisphere extra-tropical peak season plant activity is shifting towards spring
Piunno, Romina Kim Strong Investigation of the Temperature Dependence of HFCH Absorbance
Quant, Maria Isabel James Donaldson Evaporation of Ternary Solution Droplets at 0% Relative Humidity
Reid, Christopher Njal Rollinson Effects of Climate Change on the Growth Rate of a Temperate Ectotherm
Said, Moosa Frank Wania Evaluating Human Dietary Exposure to PAHs in the Alberta Oil Sands using the ACC-Human model
Slodki, Mark Jonathan Abbatt An Investigation into the Suppression of the Photo-Fenton Reaction in the Presence of α-pinense SOA
Yuan, Tiange Myrna Simpson Biomarker Analysis of Lignin Sources and Degradation for Glacial Sediments in Greenland and Norway