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2018 Summer Internships

Name Supervisor Project
Blakey, Phillip Richard Peltier Relative Sea Level Response to a Sudden Removal of the Greenland Ice Sheet
Cashell, Niamh Benjamin Gilbert Examining Specific Leaf Area (SLA) Trends in Native and Non-Native Species
Curran, Laura John Caspersen Forest Management Decreases Methane Emissions
Cruz, Sandip Benjamin Gilbert Density-Dependence and Patch Size Effects on Herbivory in an Old-Field Metacommunity
Dirienzo, Nick Matthew Adams Monitoring of NOx, NO2 and NO Concentrations along Future Mississauga LRT Pathway
Feigis, Michelle Frank Wania Measuring Vertical Profiles of Gaseous Mercury Concentrations using Passive Air Samplers
Knox, Christopher Megan Frederickson Assessing Pollutant Concentrations and Duckweed Variation in Pond Water across the Greater Toronto Area
Liao, Wenxi Sean Thomas Biochar Particle Size:  Effects on 
Soil Water Retention Capacity and Plant Performance
Maddix, Melanie Yuhong He Identification of Marginal Lands in the Credit Valley Watershed
Majeed, Hamnah Trevor Porter A Long-term Tree-ring Reconstruction of Atmospheric Mercury in Northern Yukon Territory
Martin, Duncan Rowan Sage Effect of Light Intensity on Carbon Isotope Discrimination in Flaveria
Ross, Suzane Jennifer Murphy Isocyanic Acid (HNCO): Kinetics of Hydrolysis
Sheikh, Shahzil Nick Eyles Glaciotribology-Modelling the Origin of Drumlins and Megascale Glacier Lineations
So, Cameron Arthur Weis Who Turned Up the Heat?  Floral Responses to Heatwaves in the Oilseed Camelina sativa
Syed, Jibran Ingo Ensminger Investigation of a novel 16-kD dehydrin protein to understand its role in low-temperature acclimation and the development of cold hardiness in plants
Trofimova, Alina Jonathan Abbatt Investigating the Contribution of Charge-Transfer Complexes to the Absorptivity of Brown Carbon Aerosol
Wang, Yuanyuan (Grace) Dylan Jones Assimilation of Joint AIRS/OMI Ozone Data in GEOS-Chem
Wong, Lydia Sandy Smith For bees or not for bees:  Native and non-native floral hosts in an urban landscape