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2019 Summer Internships

Name Supervisor Project
Bibi, Lana Matthew Adams Comparison between Low-cost Air Pollution Sensors and Regulatory Air Pollution Monitors in Cold Weather Climates
Chirachon, Varosak Rowan Sage Photosynthetic Adaptation for Low CO2 is More Widespread Than Previously Thought
Cupryk, Sabrina Greg Evans The Toxicity of Particulate Matter from Transportation Sources
Dosanjh, Monique Yuhong He Using Satellite Remote Sensing to Map Lake Bathymetry in the Credit Valley Watershed
Earn, Arielle Chelsea Rochman The Current State of Plastic Pollution in the Laurentian Great Lakes
Felismino, Miguel Chelsea Rochman Microplastic Pollution in Lake Simcoe
Hoang, Christopher Frank Wania Monitoring Gaseous Mercury on La Réunion Island using Passive Air Samplers
Jang, Jinmyung Arthur Chan Interaction between organic peroxide and SO2 in Secondary Organic Aerosol
Lavoie, Juliette Debra Wunch Mobile Measurements of Methane in the GTA
Li, Heng Nicolas Grisouard Can an Oceanic Front Go with a Bang?
Maho, Tea Ingo Ensminger Intraspecific Variation on Morphological Characteristics of White Spruce (Picea glauca) Seedlings Originating from Different Geographical Locations
Martin, Emma Miriam Diamond The Laundry Project: Blue Jeans
Parto, Dorsa Miriam Diamond The Effects of Microfibres on the Sand-Dwelling Chironomus Dilutus
South, Lauren Sandy Smith Mapping and Investigating Japanese Knotweed In the Toronto Ravines
Troendle, Samantha Sean Thomas Sedge Presence is Not Associated with Elevated Methane Flux in Forest Landings
Viray, Bethany Jon Abbatt Chinese Haze and Pollution Events:  The Kinetics of Aqueous Phase Photo-Oxidation of Sulfur Dioxide Catalyzed by Transition Metal Ions
Wang, Alice Kim Strong An Analysis of Satellite and Ground-Based Data Measuring Atmospheric Composition in Canadian High Arctic
Xu, Yinrui Arthur Chan Biomonitoring for Metals in Urine as a Measure of Exposure from Residents of Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada