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2020 Summer Internships

Name Supervisor Project
Courtney Bayer Kent Moore Storm Events on Mount Everest
Yviel Castillejos Nicolas Grisouard
Natasha Djuric Chelsea Rochman Microplastic Effects on Crop Lifecycles
Jelany Duali Sandy Smith Invasive Plant Species and Stewardship in Toronto's Ravines
Carlisle Feng Debra Wunch
Shu Han Gan Rowan Sage Changes in Bundle Sheath Cell Ultrastructure and
Photosynthetic Enzyme Expression along a C3 to
C4 Evolutionary Gradient in the Genus Flaveria
Cheng Gong Shelby Riskin Effects of Land Use Change on Water Quality
Dia Martinez Gracey Paul Kushner Characterizing Southern Ocean Snowfall Using
CloudSat and Reanalysis Data
Nahidha Jauhar Myrna Simpson Comparing Litter Inputs and Exclusions in Soil
Carbon Cycling in Temperate Forests
Kristyn Lee Jon Abbatt Wildfires and Particulate Matter: Impacts on Canadian Air Quality
George Lu Mathew Wells Sediment-laden Flows in Stratified Environments
Nicholas Paroshy Adam Martin Climatic Drivers of Wood Carbon Concentrations in
the World's Trees
Natacha Prostran Karen Smith
Samantha Ramphal Tammy Sage
Jing Rao Jing Chen
Buai Shi Jennifer Murphy