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2021 Summer Internships

Name Supervisor Project
Alishba Afaq Chelsea Rochman Plastic Pollution in Arctic Char and their Summer Feeding Habitats
Simone Collier Vianey Leos Barajas Analyzing Lizard Movement with Hidden Markov Models
Rosalie Cormier Nicolas Grisouard Ice Keels and Mixed Layers in the Arctic Ocean
Sherry Du Peter Kotanen Book, Book, Goose! The R. L. Jefferies Legacy Project
Petra Duff Kim Strong
Marcus Forbes-Green Sarah Finkelstein The Carbon and Sediment Dynamics of the James Bay Coastline
Ruchika Gautam Maria Dittrich An Investigation on the Phosphorus Removing Capacities of Calcined Eggshells and Woodchips
Martina Gjevori Sharon Cowling Distribution of Pleistocene megafauna and deglacial wetlands
Zoe Golay James Donaldson Dirt, Dust and Deleterious Gases - The Interaction NOx with Road Dust and Humic Acid
Amreen Imrit Kent Moore Sea Ice Variability in Nares Strait
Nahidha (Fathima) Jauthar Jennifer Murphy Ammonia Emission Potentials for Arctic Soils
Brett Kreinsen Jing Chen Fire Assessments via Remote Sensing in Bamboo Forests of the Amazon
Katherine Massue-Monat Sean Thomas An Analysis of Greenhouse Gas Flux in Mulched Soils
Julia Mata Carl Mitchell Sediment phosphorus forms in a highly recreationally developed Precambrian Lake
Emma McLay James Donaldson Compositional Trends in the Ion Content of PM2.5 and PM2.5-10 at Various Canadian Locations
Haley Morris Njal Rollinson Investigating the Thermal Performance of Fossorial Species
Michael Raczkowkski Debra Wunch Interpretation of Atmospheric Methane Measurements in the Greater Toronto Area
Anna Shalin Miriam Diamond Fluorinated Compounds in North American Cosmetics
Areem Siddiqi Roberta Fulthorpe Vertical Transmission of Seed Endophytes
Tina Tsan Uli Wortmann A fast parameterization of carbonate burial and dissolution for the ESBMTK
Kerryn Van Rooyen Paul Kushner and Karen Smith Arctic Responses to Polar Sea Ice and CO2 forcing - a Preliminary Analysis
Urvi Verkhedkar Arthur Chan Data Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in Canada
Jessie Wang John Stinchcombe Photoperiodism Sensitivity in Ivyleaf Morning Glory, Ipomoea hederacea
Sabrina Zaidi Bailey McMeans Taking Advantage of the Cold - Could Winter be Beneficial for Freshwater Fish