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2022 Summer Internships

Name Supervisor Project
William Adams Kaley Walker Examining ACE-FTS and PEARL-FTIR Data in the Arctic
Kathryn Cheng Bridget Bergquist Organic Carbon Affect on Mercury concentrations in Hawaiian soils
Colin Chiu Sandy Smith Do landscape variables influence the parasitism of box tree moth (Cydalima perspectalis)?
Harriet Easterbrook Laura Brown
Stephanie Gu Debra Wunch Measuring Particulate Matter Concentrations in the GTA using Low-Cost Sensors
Yao Yan Huang James Donaldson Spatial Trends in Ground-level Ozone in the Greater Toronto Area
Grace Mitchell Benjamin Gilbert Does high functional diversity constrain intraspecific trait variation in grassland communities?
Nataliya Nebrat Yuhong He Water Stress Detection in Rooftop-grown Bush Beans Using Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
Jolie Nguyen Jay Malcolm Investigating Mordellina ancilla as Stem Occupants of Garlic Mustard
Stuart Ralston Shelby Riskin [document "Uncovering Ashbridge's Marsh's Past A Toronto Wetland's Taxonomic Diversity and Resilience" not found]
Kerryn van Rooyen Nicolas Grisouard Applications of Deep Leaning to Internal Tide Extraction from Satellite Imaging
Mrinmayee Sengupta Sarah Finkelstein It's the Little Things that Count Ashbridge's Marsh's Pollen
Fangming Teng Megan Frederickson Climate-treated microbes impact plant performance
Nicole Trieu Greg Evans Comparison of air quality in Canadian subway systems Toronto and Montreal
Charlotte Wargniez Mathew Wells Internal Stratification and Oxygen Fluxes of Provincial Lake Simcoe A Sampling Paradox
Sabrina Zaidi Bailey McMeans The Hidden World of Overwintering Fish How Cold Water Species Benefit from Winter